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We have partnered with several organizations in the Grenada, MS area, the greater State of Mississippi, and with individuals across the United States.

2017 Annual Youth and Community Regional Unity Summit

The 2017 Regional Youth and Community Unity summit focused on 3 aspects of Strengthening Mississippi. 1) Opportunity Creation and Retaining Talent through the Millennials Dinner. 2) Education both standardized and Health Based 3) Empowerment through activists, educators, and business leaders.

2017 Class Acts Fit To Live Health Summit

The Class Acts non-profit worked with multiple sponsors such as the NRCS division of the USDA, the Mississippi State Department of Health, Grenada Tourism Commission, C-Spire, UMMC, Alcorn Agricultural Extension, ADP and others to create a ground breaking interactive health summit for Mississippians. There were a dozen stations at this event centered around Agriculture, Athletics, Health Screenings, Healthy Eating, and Nutrition that families and youth were be able to participate in and hundreds of children and adults were fed for free.